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My Approach

My personalised 1:1 program or group coaching sessions takes my clients through a fact finding mission to understand themselves through my immersive approach to learning new strategies, and coping mechanisms to deal with all aspects of life;  You’ll be challenged, encouraged and inspired.


My Story

Abafazi Abakhayo “women who build” was founded in 2017 as a platform to empower others through skills development and self-mobilisation.

Having studied Psychology at the University of East London in the UK,  and later Neuro-linguistic programming and Positive Psychiatry, I have developed coaching frameworks, and mentoring programs to empower individuals with tools and techniques to live happier more fulfilled lives.

My Values & Beliefs


“Women who build” is more than a business,
it is my life project.
I endeavour to be the change I aim to inspire. Giving the best of me in all circumstances and being present in the moment. Acting in good faith, respect for all and building relationships on trust.


To be an inspiration to others, to empower; and through it become a visionary and social enterprise.
Committed to be a conduit for change, and to continue to breathe life into a project for the upliftment of those who needs it.

“The World’s six best Doctors” – by Steve Jobs

The six best doctors in the world are – sunlight, rest, exercise, diet, self-confidence and friends.
Maintain them in all stages and enjoy a healthy life!!


My outlook on life has changed, I am constantly working towards a better me.


There were days where you sat with me listening to every word, taking in all the pain and in that moment you always knew what to say.


After the session I felt the need to revisit my approach in some aspects of my life, and I can confidently and honestly say, it feels like I am learning some parts of me all over again with a clearer conscience.



Women Who Build – Group Coaching session

Women Who Build was invited to speak by #theshackbuilder and the food relief network. I “elbow punched” some of The most inspiring women I’ve ever met. Women who are constantly paying it forward; overlooking their own struggles to aid in humanitarian efforts.

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Women Who Build – Networking Day

A networking day with a difference.  A gathering of Entrepreneurs motivational speakers and mentors coming together talking about success, stumbling blocks and the determination to soldier on. 24.03.2018

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