Women Who Build – Group Coaching session

Women Who Build was invited to speak by #theshackbuilder and the food relief network. I “elbow punched” some of The most inspiring women I’ve ever met. Women who are constantly paying it forward; overlooking their own struggles to aid in humanitarian efforts.

Women Who Build – Networking Day

A networking day with a difference.  A gathering of Entrepreneurs motivational speakers and mentors coming together talking about success, stumbling blocks and the determination to soldier on. 24.03.2018

A celebration of the Olympic Story

A proud moment for Women Who Build to be a part of this celebration.  Mechelle Lewis and Natasha Hasting absolute legends.  Being able to listen to their stories, their struggles, overcoming limiting beliefs and conquering all to reach for gold.  #bosb18 #comchest #TrackGirlz, #going4gold      

Living in the moment

Why coaching?  I hear you ask?  Well, why a rugby coach or a swimming coach?  Why a personal trainer, why a Nutritionist, a Dietician a Physiotherapist?  You get my drift?  Coaching helps you be better at what it is you set out to do, and when you get thrown off your game, your personal life …

Let your light shine

Our unconscious rules

We all do it, we build up rapports with our stylist, our nail technicians, our masseuse, our personal trainers, but very seldom do we consider the importance of a relationship with ourselves. We spend thousands to make ourselves feel beautiful on the outside, we even make this regime an important priority not too be missed, …