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Women Who Build – Group Coaching session

Women Who Build was invited to speak by #theshackbuilder and the food relief network. I “elbow punched” some of The most inspiring women I’ve ever met. Women who are constantly paying it forward; overlooking their own struggles to aid in humanitarian efforts.

Women Who Build – Networking Day

A networking day with a difference.  A gathering of Entrepreneurs motivational speakers and mentors coming together talking about success, stumbling blocks and the determination to soldier on. 24.03.2018

A celebration of the Olympic Story

A proud moment for Women Who Build to be a part of this celebration.  Mechelle Lewis and Natasha Hasting absolute legends.  Being able to listen to their stories, their struggles, overcoming limiting beliefs and conquering all to reach for gold.  #bosb18 #comchest #TrackGirlz, #going4gold