4 Week Coaching Package
The 4 week program is an ideal way to test the water. How you feel about having a coach and whether you are considering the right person to guide you through the process.

8 Week Coaching Package
The 8 week program dives into the core issues or difficulties you may be experiencing. These sessions focuses on teaching clients powerful techniques to create quick lasting and effective change.

12 Week Coaching Package
This package is designed to work through the framework in a more responsive setting. The process allows the client and coach to experience real life scenarios and are able to work through them as they occur.

By Appointment

Ad-hoc coach and client relationships are usually by request from the the client.  Often clients just want to have a trusted place to offload and get perspective, or simply to keep them in tune not to lose sight of lessons learned.

Frequently Asked Questions

By when will I start to feel different?

Although you will feel a skip in your step after your very first session, coaching is a strategic process.  It is about working your way through several layers.  It is about uncovering behaviour patterns and reshaping them by enforcing new habits.

Is Hypnosis safe?

Hypnotherapy is a very safe method, you remain in complete control throughout the entire process.  Hypnosis allows therapists and clients to reach a state where clients are more susceptible to change.

Will coaching really work?

Yes!  It is important to be ready for change and accept conscious responsibility for your actions and past actions.  The outcome still depends on you.

Can I do relationship coaching without my Partner?

Absolutely!  Relationship coaching is very much an individual change process.  The strategies used in relationship coaching will elicit change in you and how you respond to situations in your relationship.


Helping You Find Success with Personalized Coaching

Through gentle support and encouragement, begins a journey of healing of your entire self – physical, emotional and spiritual. A framework developed to firmly establish confidence, self-love, success, compassion and gratitude.

Get In Touch

We start with a 45 minute assessment. This allows both parties some time to
establish contact. It is important that as a Coach I evaluate clients
to understand what their challenges and difficulties are; this is an important encounter
to consider the process with a moral compass and determine whether to coach or not to
coach. Finding the right coach to guide you through a challenging time very much depends
on the success of the outcome.