Transformational life coaching

To be able to transform through coaching, it is important to address 3 core levels.
The 1st level; is focused on the client’s emotional level, as a coach I help clients  process unresolved  emotions, past traumatic experiences, or something that is happening in their lives in the present moment.
The 2nd level; is working with my client’s mental model; the deep set beliefs that we live by, which control our thoughts, behaviours and actions.  By tapping into the mental state it creates the opportunity to create different thought processes.
The 3rd level; is the behavioural change level, this is the before mentioned model and shifting how you act. In this level I help pass the barrier of current behaviour patterns and transform lives by creating new habits that serves my clients in a more positive way.

Neuro-linguistic programming
Behind human behaviours are strategies that control our actions. NLP strategies are the sequence of mental representations or steps we use to generate our outcomes and experiences. This is a sequence of internal visualization, sounds, sensations, internal dialogue, tastes and smells. They are the way we remember, learn, decide, solve problems and motivate ourselves.  I use this method to solve behaviours such as; procrastinating, improving decision making skills, giving up smoking or aiding in weight loss.

Rational emotive behaviour therapy
REBT is a form of psychotherapy that helps identify self-defeating or self-sabotaging thoughts and feelings. This strategy is used to challenge the rationality of these feelings, and replace them with healthier, more productive beliefs.


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How Do I know If Coaching is Right For Me?

There are elements to life that we require to function at our best, to stay activated and live a happy and fulfilled life.
Whilst wellbeing is hard to define, you know when you don’t have it.  A coach is an effective tool to identify these elements and bring into balance what is important to you.