Living in the moment

Why coaching?  I hear you ask?  Well, why a rugby coach or a swimming coach?  Why a personal trainer, why a Nutritionist, a Dietician a Physiotherapist?  You get my drift?  Coaching helps you be better at what it is you set out to do, and when you get thrown off your game, your personal life coach is right there to pick you up again.

Coaching is a form of therapy I hear you say.  And you’d be right!  It is in every way a form of therapy; and of course, stigma and discrimination associated with therapy remains barriers to entry, then add more than a hint of cost versus everything else that you are already forking out for, and you’ve managed to talk yourself right out of a good idea.  But imagine a place where neither existed and you could have your very own personal coach, not just for one designated area of your life, like getting fitter, or losing weight, but, a coach to oversee and support you through any of life’s mishaps, challenges or unsettling events.

It would, if you’d consider it for a moment.

Let’s be honest, anti-depressants and anxiety medications are old school and we have moved on!  We’ve grown since then, educated ourselves on how to live longer and better, and we’ve reached a point where we even believe in pseudo-science methods, we see the benefits and most certainly feel the benefits of all sorts of new and wonderful treatments.

It is time to lose the stigma and get with the times, quit thinking that therapy goes hand in hand with drug abuse, violence, grief and trauma.  Coaching is the new therapy, it’s modern in its execution and provides quick results, if you’re ready to take conscious responsibility and live life with intent and purpose, you will find coaching to be one of the most effective treatments yet.

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