Let your light shine

Our unconscious rules

We all do it, we build up rapports with our stylist, our nail technicians, our masseuse, our personal trainers, but very seldom do we consider the importance of a relationship with ourselves.

We spend thousands to make ourselves feel beautiful on the outside, we even make this regime an important priority not too be missed, we’d do anything for that all important two week fill on our nails, the in between waxes, ringing up our hairstylist because it’s time to “touch up” our roots; but we pay no thought to the importance of where the real self-love stems from.

The importance of working on ourselves from the inside to look and feel our best on the outside is sadly often overlooked. If we really knew the importance of this particular type of grooming, It would be apparent that when you feel good, mentally, physically and emotionally that you radiate beauty and confidence, and it shines through your physicality to promote the ageless beauty; that we all thriving for.  The kind of self-love that automatically fluffs up your tail, puts a sparkle in your eye and the spring back in your step, but we don’t consider for one moment, that the things we do to achieve this, may not entirely be the right kind of grooming, or certainly not the only kind of grooming.

We are now more than ever switched on to living consciously, it is scientifically proven that when healing the mind, we live better and more fulfilled lives. The benefits of sleep, the reduction of cortisol and inflammation in the body is a direct result of the everyday stresses of life that has become our normal. We have grown accustomed to living in an emotional state that throws us off balance, but we tell ourselves “that’s life”.

So why then, if health and longevity is so important, and the need for self-preservation and looking the best we can, do we fixate and spend thousands on a temporary fix, why is the time we spend in a salon not regarded as time lost or money not so well spent?

My guess is, having lived this life myself. It’s an addiction, of some kind. We tell ourselves that change is as good as a holiday, we tell ourselves all kinds of things to shape a behaviour pattern that becomes a habit that doesn’t necessarily serve us all too well.

The importance of having a coach is making its way into the mainstream and I say it’s about time. We need to understand the importance of tapping into ourselves to find our confidence, let go of insecurities and break the belief that we need to colour, shape, prod and probe ourselves to feel good. This does not begin in a salon or a nail bar, it starts within and finding a Coach is as important as finding a stylist who knows how to work with your hair type.

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