What do I love about my job

My clients are my trainers and it keeps me activated, always learning new paradigms and helping people in the process. Human beings are so unique it fascinates me.

What inspired me to start my business
I’ve always wanted to design my own structure, I don’t believe that one size fits all and running my own business allows me to look at every client through a lens that is fitting for them. Nothing is set in stone and I can create a framework that is ideal and suitable to the individual.

Why should you consider partnering with me
“Women Who Build” is more than a business, it is my life project. My passion for people runs deep in my veins, I am committed and invested in showing people ways to live a life that is fulfilled and happy bringing into balance mind and body.
My areas of expertise are diverse, I enjoy all aspects of well being and have thus trained in career coaching, transformational life coaching, relationship coaching. REBT, Neuro-linguistic therapy and positive psychiatry to name a few. This instils confidence in my execution as there are many aspects in life that requires stability to live a life of wellbeing.



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