Hypnotherapy is a powerful technique dating back to the Ancient Greeks who considered hypnosis a practice to cure the sick.  This ancient method of nurturing the subconscious mind promotes healing in the most profound and awakening experience.   Commonly practised to promote healing, overcome limiting beliefs, low self-esteem and bring to a halt bad habits and addictions.

What is Hypnotherapy

Hypnotherapy is a form of therapy used to reprogram the subconscious mind. During hypnosis you enter a trancelike state, tapping into your subconscious mind which makes you more susceptible to suggestions for self-improvement or behaviour modification. Hypnosis can be described as focused attention, feeling very calm and relaxed with the guide of a professional Hypnotherapist.  We can all enter a state of hypnosis, without even realising it, when you find yourself daydreaming during a presentation and something snaps you out of it is an example of a hypnotic state of mind.

What Hypnotherapy is not

What you see on stage during an act of Hypnosis is not what Hypnotherapy is.  You are never under the spell of anyone;  you remain in complete control the entire time.   There are no swinging pocket watches, and there will be no acts of dancing like a chicken.  You will hear the suggestions made to you, and you will be able to remember them after the session.

Is Hypnotherapy safe

Hypnotherapy is a safe procedure, but must be done by a trained therapist. Hypnotherapy is not mind control or brainwashing. A therapist cannot make a person do something embarrassing or something the person does not want to do.