Jill da Silva-Mostert

Abafazi Abakhayo was founded by Jill da Silva-Mostert in 2017.

Experienced and well versed in the implementation of quality standards and quality assurance management, Jill set out to establish a company after her own heart: A company that in a single phrase would speak to the Woman she aspires to be, an inspiration to others.  Whilst starting a business has always been a dream come true, Jill has never lost sight of her desire to empower others and in so doing, has created a platform for job creation especially directed at those who otherwise struggle to find employment.

A personal message from the founder …

In a country where women still face gender inequality, I am here for me and I am here for you. It is my plight and my greatest challenge yet to become a woman of this country who will empower others.

This is who I am, I am Abafazi Abakhayo.

“Women who Build”


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